`Hairy` phobia Michael Douglas

`Hairy` phobia Michael DouglasLegendary Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has admitted that he has an unusual phobia - hairy female armpits, writes The Sun.63-year-old husband of one of the most beautiful Hollywood Actresses Catherine Zeta Jones says he first came across this phenomenon in adolescence.According to Douglas, he saw the hairy armpits in women from Eastern Europe, which has taught water skiing."It may seem silly, but I was only 16 and I never thought that women can be there hair. One summer, I saw this woman and was shocked. This picture is still not out of my head," said Douglas. Source: "Hairy" phobia Michael Douglas. . . Читать полностью -->

In the accident on Kutuzov died assistant Herman Gref

In the accident on Kutuzov died assistant Herman GrefIn a car accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt killed the assistant Minister of economic development Igor Skates."Газета.Ru" got a call on her mobile phone Konkova. Picked up Pavel Panov, comrade Konkova. He confirmed that tonight Igor Vasilyevich crashed in an accident on Kutuzov Avenue. Panov said that arrived on the scene simultaneously with the ambulance. Panov said that the Skates were riding in the front passenger seat.According to Panov, the cause of the accident was that the car hit the track and in the wet it was carried. Source: accident on Kutuzov died assistant Herman Gref. Читать полностью -->

Carmen Electra hosted a parade in swimsuits

Carmen Electra hosted a parade in swimsuits During the "Baywatch" Carmen Electra managed only one outfit - favorite male half of the audience red swimsuit. Now her beach wardrobe has expanded considerably...For one weekend in Malibu Carmen changed four of the swimsuit. Floral and striped, with shorts and hat - actress seemed to be defiled in front of the paparazzi in a sexy bikini. I must say, a great body of 35-year-old star allows you to do this. Source: Carmen Electra staged the parade in swimsuits (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Valentino noted the departure from the chic fashion show

Valentino noted the departure from the chic fashion show Famous Italian designer Valentino sent a well-deserved rest after 45 years in the world of "Haute couture". His departure he noted the final show at Paris fashion Week.The reins of his House couturier transmits Alessandra Fachinetti (Alessandra Facchinetti). The company Valentino fashion group" she came from the house of Gucci, according to broadcaster NTV.According to Hollyscoop, the latest collection Maestro Spring`2008 is sustained in the best traditions of classic fashion and covered some new unspeakable halo. We discuss the main trends of the next spring-summer season, which are clearly seen in the latest fashion line from Valentino.Pastel shades. Throw away your boring black dress. This spring will be the most fashionable variety of pastel shades. Читать полностью -->

Drunk Jessica Simpson asleep on the street

Drunk Jessica Simpson asleep on the street Fans of the young singer and actress were shocked by what they saw photos. But an even greater disappointment awaited them ahead.When they learned that "good girl" Simpson is not drunk, but simply plays the role of a drunk actress in her new movie "Major movie Star" (Major Movie Star).Many critics have noticed that Jessica plays this scene is pretty mediocre, and that this role was more controversial stars such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.While one can only hope that the actress will still be pleased with the paparazzi some scandal and finally destroys it created candy-positive image.Source: Egotastic Source: Drunk Jessica Simpson asleep on the street (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Pevtsov afraid to lose his wife

Dmitry Pevtsov afraid to lose his wifeTerrible dreams not only ordinary people but also celebrities. Popular artists, TV presenters and singers, too, suffer from nightmares. For example, Dmitry Pevtsov in the dream loses his wife.The actor complained that afraid of a recurring dream. In this dream he was alone, without his wife Olga, and he was incredibly, terribly scary, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".If you believe the dream books, seeing myself alone - to a misunderstanding. If the person in the dream feels a sense of loneliness, the reality is that he is dissatisfied with his life, but ways to change the situation do not know.Terrible dreams of celebrities says the MD, a psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov."It's a reflection of jealousy, insecurity in their family and personal life, the feeling that somewhere internally it can her (wife) to lose," says the psychiatrist about the nightmare Pevtsova. - It is not no secret, acting Wednesday implies (due to the specific nature of activity: tour, intimate fellowship in the love scenes with a partner) family breakdown or love of adventure.Being a man anxious and insecure by nature, he has complex, displacing this anxiety flamboyant appearance, he says, he's so cool man, physically strong, rides in cars... Читать полностью -->

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